Transportation Assignments
09/16/2014 Maintenance - Amarillo 07FT 6:00 AM R. Granadoz
09/18/2014 Athletics - Shamrock #19,#18 6:00 PM Staff
09/23-24/2014 Elem Counselor - Amarillo 07FT 7:00 AM D. Kane
09/23/2014 Athletics - Booker #19,04CV 3:00 PM Staff
09/23/2014 Band - Booker #16, #18,06FP 3:30 PM Staff
09/23/2014 Cheerleaders - Booker 13CV 3:30 PM Staff
10/08/2014 JrHi. Admin - Amarillo 10Sub 6:30 AM Webb

Please return all vehicles to the bus pen at the end of the day you have reserved the vehicle for. Even if you are using the same vehicle the next day, please return it to the pen so it can be serviced and ready to go the next day.

Updated 09/16/2014
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